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RIP Red Paden from Red's Juke Joint

The one-of-a-kind Red's Juke Joint in Clarksdale, Mississippi has lost its colorful proprietor, Red Paden.

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The Mississippi Delta's Red's Juke Joint has long been the essential spot to hear live music if you're in Clarksdale, a town known as The Home of the Blues.

The front door to Red's Juke Joint in Clarksdale, Mississippi

I've never heard better blues music than I heard in that spot.

While the band was in full swing, loud and killing it, Red was off to the side with his back to the band in a lazy boy recliner leaned all the way back watching football.

At one point, a food delivery person brought him his dinner in several white plastic bags.

I don't recall him ever looking back at the band the entire night.

The building looked like it was falling down, with sheets of canvas on the ceiling to manage the leaks.

The musicianship was off the charts.

What an experience Red's was.

It's difficult to imagine that it'll ever be the same.

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