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Scroll Patrol, Issue #4

Live Peanuts, a 360 degree guitar, magnet fishing, and more.

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Scroll Patrol, Issue #4

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17 Minutes of Charles Schulz Drawing Peanuts

I found this video compelling and inspiring to watch.

The drawings appear to be pouring out of him effortlessly.

Guy Builds a 360 Degree Spinning Guitar/Bass/Fretless Bass

This is a ridiculous instrument but I respect/admire the creator's passion and the video is an entertaining watch.

Carles Trepat

I quite enjoyed this guitar performance.

Magnet Fishing

I'd never heard of magnet fishing.

I was introduced to it this week by this young gentleman.


The clock appears to be running down on my most loyal and loving friend.


Old Meets the New

This week I took my dear 81 year old father to get a demo of the new Apple Vision Pro.


Rick Springfield

The guy is 74 years old and shredded.

74 Year Old Rick Springfield

Obsessing Over Politics?


I wonder if this is true. Let's see what ChatGPT has to say.

Layng: Is someone who is obsessed with politics probably compensation for a feeling of powerlessness in their life?

ChatGPT: An obsession with politics can sometimes serve as a compensatory mechanism for feelings of powerlessness or lack of control in one's life. Engaging deeply with political issues, following news obsessively, or participating in political activism might provide individuals with a sense of agency or a feeling that they are contributing to change in society, which can be empowering for someone who feels powerless in other areas of their life.

This behavior can be understood through several psychological lenses:

  1. Control and Agency: In psychology, the need for control is a fundamental aspect of human motivation. People have an inherent desire to influence outcomes and make meaningful contributions. When individuals feel powerless or unable to exert control in their personal lives, they may seek out domains where they feel their actions can make a difference, such as politics.
  2. Identity and Self-Worth: Politics often involves deep-seated beliefs about right and wrong, justice, and how society should function. For some, being involved in politics is closely tied to their identity and sense of self-worth. Engaging with politics might provide a structured way to affirm one's values and feel part of a larger cause, compensating for feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness elsewhere.
  3. Social Connections: Politics also has a communal aspect. Being part of political movements or groups can fulfill a need for social connection and belonging. For those who feel isolated or disconnected in other areas of their life, the camaraderie found in shared political engagement might offer a compensatory sense of community and purpose.
  4. Cognitive Engagement: For some, the complexity of political issues and the challenge of understanding and debating these issues can serve as a form of cognitive engagement that distracts from personal problems or feelings of powerlessness in other areas of life.

While these factors can play a role, it's important to note that political engagement is a multifaceted phenomenon. People engage with politics for a wide variety of reasons, and an interest in politics, even if intense, does not necessarily stem from a compensatory need. The impact of political engagement on an individual's life can be positive or negative, depending on how it is balanced with other aspects of life and whether it leads to meaningful actions or obsessive behaviors that impair functioning.

As with any form of behavior that becomes obsessive or disruptive, it's helpful to approach it with curiosity and compassion, understanding that it might be fulfilling a psychological need. If political obsession is causing distress or negatively impacting one's life, seeking support from mental health professionals can be beneficial.

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