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bram adams

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Models for Structuring Paid Membership Communities

A lot of people are finding creative ways to monetize their communities these days. One common method is using a membership/subscription model with various tiers. Let's take a look at a few examples and how they're doing it.

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Issue #1: What are we even doing here?

New Year’s Eve 2023 This title is the tagline to a Youtube channel I love called Canned Fish Files w/ Matthew Carlson. What a great tagline. He begins every episode with it. And it’s a perfect title for this very first issue of my little so-called newsletter, because

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A First Attempt at Using Bram Adams' HBOV-2023

Bram Adams has developed and generously shared an advanced system for synthesizing information with the note-taking app Obsidian. Here's my clumsy first attempt at using it.