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What I Like about Steph Smith

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How I Came Across Steph Smith

Before I get into all the inspiration I've gotten from Steph Smith, I'd like to say a few words about how I came across her in the first place.

Stumbled across the Sunnyside app

Not too long ago an ad came up in one of my feeds (probably Instagram or Facebook) pushing an app called Sunnyside. This app promised to help you curb your drinking.

Sunnyside | #1 Mindful Drinking App | Start for Free
Take the 3-minute quiz to start. No pressure to quit. Sleep better, save money, and gain more energy with proven techniques that build healthier drinking habits. It’s 100% personalized to you.

I liked the business model for the app. It was basically a simple habit tracker that worked via SMS messages.

Started looking for how to build an SMS habit tracker

I thought maybe I could apply this model to some ideas I've been kicking around, so I began Googling for info about making a simple habit tracker.

That's when I came across an interview on Reddit with Kyleigh Smith conducted by Katt Risen from No-Code Exits.

Found Kyleigh Smith's story about creating her habit tracker

Kyleigh is not a programmer but was able to create a simple SaaS app called Harold the Habit Tracker using no-code tools.

How to build an SMS habit tracker with No-Code
by u/katrienverr in nocode

She said she was inspired to write this app by an article written by a young woman named Steph Smith:

How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably
A thought piece on what it takes to truly be great and what that even means in the first place.

I really liked this article.

And then I took a look at the author's website and found more inspiration.

What I like about Steph Smith

At the time I came across her, I was considering making a website, or a blog, or something (I wasn’t sure).

She showcases herself well

I initially discovered her through her blog at

However, her primary website is equally engaging, packing in a lot of information.

She highlights the various projects she's involved in, making them easily accessible to anyone interested.

Activities and initiatives

Internet Pipes: Her course of strategies and tricks for doing internet research

Right now, she's working on a course called Internet Pipes.

It's not coming out until January 24, 2024, and she's already sold over $120,000 in presales.

I think pretty much her only promotion of it was an appearance on a podcast here:

Here's her tweet from seven days ago:

I first wrote about Steph on December 13th, and then again on December 27th.

It's been interesting to see her course have such success, and to see the process as it evolves.

As you can see in the December 13th screenshot, the course was originally slated to launch on January 7th, but has been kicked back to January 24th.

You can also see quite a lot of revisions in the sales copy over time.

When the course first went up for presale, the price was $50.

It's gone up $20 for roughly every 20 people who have bought it, and it's now up to $350.