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What's this? A blog?

Something that was never of interest has become... of interest.

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What's this? A blog?

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It's December of 2023 and, while I was an early internet adopter, I haven't made a personal blog up until now.

What's that about?

I've been comfortable going about my business behind the curtains.

It's always seemed to me that being in the public eye is a lifestyle downgrade, something to be minimized and avoided.

The same reason I don't put bumper stickers on my van.

Isn't it better fly a bit under the radar?

To blend into the crowd and avoid making yourself the target of any unwanted attention?

That's been my general feeling up until recently.

I still don't endeavor to be in the "public eye."

But I would like to have a better channel for the sake of connecting with other people.

In the days when there was no email and long distance calls were expensive, we used to write letters.

Who does that these days?

Nobody that I know.

Occasionally I'll write a long email to a friend, but that's unusual.

When I do, especially when I receive a thoughtful response, life feels richer.

Wouldn't it be great to make time to write a personal letter to the people you care about on a regular basis?

Sharing experience to a greater degree would make life better, wouldn't it?

It certainly wouldn't make it worse.

And it would probably be a worthwhile use of time.

But it taking the time to write letters to letters to important people in my life sounds unrealistic.

With a simple blog, and an occasional email newsletter, I'm thinking a version of that may be possible.

At the same time, maybe I could connect with more people than I do in my typical orbit.

That's what's brought me to this post.

I've had some experiences this year that have inspired me to step forward a bit.

I believe our purpose here is to connect to the love, and share the love.

I look forward to sharing more of it here.